Art poster Art poster 2013Educating Rita by Willy Russell. Willy Russell was born in Whiston, near Liverpool, in 1947. He trained as a hairdresser (which probably explains why he chose a similar profession for Rita's character) and returned to full time education at the age of 20. He embarked on a teacher training course and it was during this period that he started writing for the theatre.


The 2013 Cast will be: Lucy Ashton playing Rita and David Millard playing Frank

Rita - Lucy J Elliott
Frank - Richard Holliss

Producer and Director - Michael Philips
Technical Director - Dave Mason
Christine Holliss, Lansbury Players,
Christine Powell, Ian Halverson
Artwork—Dave Millard
Programme—Terry Perkins

Educating Rita

Thurrock Drama Festival
Thurrock Courts Players Cup

Runners Up 2006
Educating Rita

Joan Chester- Willis Trophy
Adjudicators award

Michael Philips

Best Actress................... Lucy Elliott
Best Actor..................... Richard Holliss