Art posterThe Rev. Lionel Toop's wife, Penelope, is an ex-actress. While Lionel is away Clive, an actor, calls. He invites Penelope to dine in town which is out of bounds to servicemen. He dresses in Lionel's blacks. Miss Skillon, a parishioner, sees the couple repeating one of their theatrical scenes and draws the wrong conclusion. Matters become highly complicated when Lionel arrives, followed by the Bishop of Lax and a German POW disguised as a vicar!


Cast in order of appearance

Ida, a Maid - Kirsten McHarg
Miss Skillon - Christine Holliss
Reverend Lionel Toop - Andy Bownass
Penelope Toop, his wife - Lucy Ashton
Lance Corporal Clive Winton - David Reed
Intruder - Terry Perkins
Bishop of Lax - Chris Millington
Reverend Arthur Humphrey - Keith Cummings
Sergeant Towers - David Millard

Directed by Michael Philips
Stage Manager - Bob Pamplin
Assistant Stage Manager - Chris Powell
Lighting Design - Emily Brown
Costumes - Christine Fryers (assisted by Christine Holliss)
Set Construction - David Mason
Backstage crew - Phyl Baker and Christine Fryers
Programme - Richard Holliss
Publicity Officer - Matt Mitchell

Global Productions would like to thank
Christine Williams, Nicky (County Arms), staff and volunteers of the Harlow Playhouse, Forest Community Centre, ZedCapricorn multimedia services and Cowdall's Printers